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After Seeing Mr. Hollands Opus

  今天的英语课我只是想描述一个简单的庄子的故事,结果说的乱七八糟,我简直不敢相信我已经沦落成这样了,what a shame.

 The movie Mr. Holland's Opus covers thirty years in the life of Mr. Glenn Holland, a musician and composer who has a passion for composing his own music.

 In 1964, he comes to John F. Kennedy High School to teach music, hoping that he will have enough spare time to work on his own music while getting a steady paycheck to provide for his family. However, the teaching work doesn't appear to be easy and his expectation of "spare time" becomes a daydream. Despite initially hating his job, Mr. Holland gradually finds that being a teacher of music has its rewards. Knowing that texts and assignments won't arouse their interest in music, Mr. Holland tries an unique way to let his students know that "playing music is supposed to be fun---it's about heart… not notes on a page." He shares his passion for music with all his students, spends countless hours preparing lessons, and uses almost all his spare time to nurture the students who have special skills. His students respond to his passion and love music from the bottom of their heart. While his students make great progress on playing and understanding music, Holland's son is found to be almost entirely deaf. What a tragedy Holland cannot draw his son into his musical world!Because of his strong sense of responsibility, he works very hard to instruct his students in music appreciation and thus straining the harmony of his family life. His wife and son wonder if Holland cares more about his students than about them. Through Holland's struggling to communicate with his son, the gap between father and son disapears. However, there is a time that Holland doubts whether his life as a teacher is valuable. He has not achieve his initial goal--- to compose a wonderfu musical masterpiece to leave his mark on the world. He feels somewhat lost. Finally, with the help of his students and his family, Mr. Holland learns that what he did has tremendous positive impact on his students. "Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans."Mr. Holland has a new understanding of success. And his students become his "opus", his most successful work.

 I was deeply affected by this movie because in a society while all men are seeking fame and gain, Mr. Holland devotes himself to his career as a music teacher, to his students, his family and his true music. This movie is maked in praise of the value of each person's effort to better the lives of others regardless of the individual sacrifice. The movie shows the triumph of human spirit which touches our hearts. Mr. Holland's Opus is thought-provoking and brimming with valuable subjects such as a noble work ethic, the importance of arts in education, balance of life, and teachers' tremendous positive impact on students.

 Although I feel a pity that in our country the importance of arts hasn't been realized and we almost have no opportunity to learn playing a musical instrument, I'm very happy because I've met a few good teachers who gave me encouragement when I was depressed and gave me enlightment when I was puzzled. They treated me not only as their student but also a friend. I regained my lost courage and confidence because of them. I remember clearly the days when I was a junior high school student. I got poor marks in the final examination of grade two, seventy for mathematics and sixty-three for physics. I knew my physics must be awful because I don't like it. I had never done the exercises the teacher assigned by myself. I had absolutely no in interest in it. However, I hadn't expected such poor score for my mathematics since I always did well in it. I was quite dispressed at that time and this kind of depression and inferiority complex grew more serious since the school authorities decided to classify the students into two groups to give pertinent lessons on Saturday according to our score in the final examination. So, students who did well in the final examination were classified to "enhancer class", of course I didn't belong to this class. I endured tremendous pressure and felt helpless. My maths teacher Mr. Liu was a tall man of about fifty years old. Though he was somewhat serious, we all looked up to him because he's always a patient and upright teacher. Each time when the examination was drawing near, he had never forgotten to remind me to be more carefull in the examination. He always said that I often made careless mistakes in the examination paper. He felt very surprised to see me in the "ordinary class"but said nothing. After class, he asked me if I want to go to "enhancer class" and I said"no" because I felt shameful to go to that class. Mr. Liu said that, "Well, then just stay in this class and treat it as a chance to consolidate your basic knowledge on maths. Don't be depressed any more. Your experience in this class will do you good. Never lose your confidence ." I was deeply moved by his sincere words and decided to get back my confidence. Each week, he gave me the material used in "enhancer class" and assign some difficult exercises to me. Thus, I made a great progress and was more and more intersted in mathematics. Thereafter I always keep a good estate in my study. If the teacher didn't encourage me at that time, I don't know what the outcome would be. Perhaps I would just surrender myself to that frustration. I will never forget the help he gave me. Although I have never told him my gratitude to him, I believe he knows through my great happiness when I ran into him. I'm deeply convinced that teachers make a difference.